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Z Grills 700E-XL Wireless Smoker Overview

The Z Grills 700E-XL Wireless is our largest, top of the range smoker in Australia, now with wireless connectivity!

Featuring excellent temperature stability, efficient pellet usage and handy storage cabinet this is the bees knees and by far our most popular model!

Z Grills 700E-XL wood pellet smoker

Grill Features

  • Premium stainless steel finish that complements any backyard or patio
  • Large cooking space perfect for feeding a large crowd
  • Huge 10kg hopper capacity enough for even an epic 18 hour brisket
  • Double-wall insulation reduces pellet consumption
  • Heavy-duty caster wheels for easy moving around
  • Versatile cooking from low temp smoking and high temperature BBQ
  • Heavy duty quality components
  • RapidFlame™ ignitor for fast fire up and reliability
  • Wide Temperature Range from 75 to 240℃ (167 to 464℉)
  • Fast heat up time takes only 15 minutes to >200ºC
  • Vented grease tray for high temperature searing

Wireless Controller Features

  • Bluetooth and WIFI allows connection of mobile App and supported wireless devices
  • Z Grills App connection for temperature monitoring and remote grill control
  • Advanced Control features using countdown timer and temperature based trigger-actions
  • PID control logic for automatic temperature control
  • 4 Smoke Modes for optimal smoke control
  • Cold Smoke Mode with variable speed fan control
  • Precise Temperature Control with adjustment in 1℃ / 1℉ increments
  • Bright Colour Screen displays grill temperature, 4 food probe temperatures and grill operating status
  • Advanced Grill Monitoring warns of any operating issues or potential hardware malfunction

Click here for more information on the Wireless Controller.

Click here for more information on the Z Grills Aus App.

Accessory Bundles

We’ve made selecting your grill accessories easy by putting them together in BASIC and PRO bundles. Check out what’s included in each below. Click on their links to learn more.

700E-XL (Wireless) grill only

1 x Z Grills 700E-XL Wireless Pellet Smoker
2 x Food Temperature Probes (included in the grill box)

Basic Bundle

The 700E-XL Wireless Pellet Smoker PLUS the most popular set of accessories to get you cooking in style!

1 x Z Grills 700E-XL Wireless Pellet Smoker
2 x Food Temp Probes (In the grill box)

1 x Heavy Duty AL Foil (wrap food and line grease tray)
1 x Heat Proof Gloves (protect your dainty digits)
1 x Black Apron (look stylish while cooking)
1 x Wooden Cutting Board (for the “look what I cooked” photos!)
1 x Stainless Steel BBQ Hotplate (for searing and hot plate cooking)
1 x Koala Claw (tool for cleaning the lifting out the grill racks)
1 x Instant Read Thermometer (check temps and probe for tenderness)
1 x 700 Series Front Bench Kit (handy wooden bench on front of the grill)
1 x Smoke Tube (for extra smoky flavour)
1 x Waterproof Cover (protect your grill from the weather)
2 x 10kg Bag of Wood Pellets (fuel for stacks of cooks)

Pro Bundle

The Pro Bundle adds even more quality accessories to round out your kit!

1 x Z Grills 700E-XL Wireless Pellet Smoker
2 x Food Temp Probes (In the grill box)

1 x Heavy Duty AL Foil (wrap food and line grease tray)
1 x Heat Proof Gloves (protect your dainty digits)
1 x Black Apron (look stylish while cooking)
1 x Wooden Cutting Board (for the “look what I cooked” photos!)
1 x Stainless Steel BBQ Hotplate (for searing and hot plate cooking)
1 x Koala Claw (tool for cleaning the lifting out the grill racks)
1 x Instant Read Thermometer (check temps and probe for tenderness)
1 x 700 Series Front Bench Kit (handy wooden bench on front of the grill)
1 x Waterproof Cover (protect your grill from the weather)
1 x SmokeGen – Smoke Generator (for extra smoky flavour)
1 x Artisan Knife Bundle (trim, carve and slice in style!)
2 x 10kg Bag of Wood Pellets (fuel for stacks of cooks)

Dimensions & Weight

Box Dimensions

The boxes will fit in most hatch-back or wagon cars with one of the back seat down flat.

  • Small Box: 74 x 56 x 25cm (29kg)
  • Big Box: 83 x 56 x 61cm (51kg)
700E-XL Box Dimensions

Grill Dimensions

  • 123 x 57 x 130 cm
  • 66kg with no pellets in hopper. Pellets will add up to 10kg
  • To place on a bench or build into in an outdoor kitchen click here for more dimensions.
700E-XL overall dimensions

Electricity Requirements

  • 240V AC (not DC)
  • Minimum 300W power supply from battery pack
  • Average power draw after startup 40 to 50W.
  • To run the grill for 8 hours at least 500Wh of battery capacity will be required.

Wood Pellet Hopper

What is the hopper capacity?

  • The 700E-XL hopper can hold up to 10kg of wood pellets, enough for 20+ hours of low temperature cooking or 7-10 high temperature cooks.

How many pellets to add into the hopper?

  • It is not advisable to fill the hopper right up, instead just add enough for each cook. This is because pellets can slowly absorb moisture, especially in humid conditions.
  • A full hopper may be enough for multiple cooks so some of the pellets may be exposed to air for weeks or months.
  • By only adding enough pellets for each hook (plus little extra as a buffer), pellets are not sitting for long.
  • Click here to learn more about wood pellets, including how to store them.

How fast are wood pellets used?

  • The 700E-XL has an additional layer of steel sheet in the bottom half of the drum which forms an air gap and reduces heat loss. For this reason it is actually quite efficient.
  • The pellet usage will differ greatly based on type of pellets used, outside air temperature, wind exposure and what temperature the grill is set at.
  • Approximate pellet usage:
    – Low temperature operation = 0.3 to 0.5kg/hour (0.7 to 1.1lbs)
    – High temperature operation = 1 to 2kg/hour (2.2 to 4.4lbs)
  • If doing an overnight cook (7-8 hours) a half full hopper will be sufficient pellets, so not need to full right up to the top.
  • To reduce wood pellet usage for long cooks in cooler weather, an insulating cover is very effective. Click here to purchase one.

Cleaning out wood pellets

  • Burning out all the pellets is recommended if not planning to use the grill for several weeks or longer, especially in humid climates.
  • Click here to jump to the cleaning section to learn how.

Storage Cabinet

The storage cabinet is great for storing wood pellets (in plastic container), and all the various cooking and grill tools. The internal space is 60 wide x 35 deep x 35cm tall.

Plastic items can be stored in the cabinet as long as they are at least 20cm away from the underside of the drum. It will not get hot enough to pose any fire risk.

Grill Racks & Area

The 700E-XL Wireless comes standard with twin (bottom) grill racks and a single large top grill rack. Combined, these racks provide a total cooking area of 0.55m2 or 852 square inches.

700E-XL Grill Rack Types

Why twin grill racks?

  • Smaller racks are easier to fit in a basin or dish washer for cleaning.
  • The left (narrower) grill rack can be removed and the Stainless Steel BBQ Hotplate dropped in place.

Can the top grill rack be removed?

  • Yes it just slides out.
  • It is advisable to leave the top rack out when not in use as it makes accessing food on the bottom rack easier.
  • To neatly store the grill rack when not in use, grab a set of Magnet Hooks which are perfect for hanging the top grill rack on the back of the grill.

Small top grill rack (optional)

  • When you need the extra top rack space but also need to accommodate a tall cut of meat on the bottom rack the small top grill rack may suit you well.
  • It is the same width as the standard top grill rack but is only 20cm deep instead of 34cm.
  • Because of this smaller depth it can also be slid forward and backwards to position as required.
  • The rack has angled rails at the front and rear to prevent food falling off.
  • Click here to visit our shop and grab yourself a small top grill rack.

Vertical height for food

  • The image below shows the space available for food. Take out the top rack to give the full 22cm vertical height for food.
700E-XL vertical race space
  • Most food can be cut or positioned to fit in the grill. A good example is a chicken or turkey, which can be laid out flat (spatchcock style) rather than standing up vertically which may be too tall.

What are grill racks made from?

  • The grill racks are made from steel with a ceramic (enamel) coating similar to bake trays and the inside of your oven. This coating makes them durable and easier to clean.
  • Click here for more information about cleaning.

How to store grill racks

  • Where to store a grill rack when not in use? We have a neat solution for that!
  • Hook them neatly on the back of the grill using our Magnet Hooks.
Magnet hook hanging grill rack

Grease Tray

The grease tray sits just below the grill racks, sloping from left to right. Gaps along the front and rear sides of the grease tray allow the hot air flow from below to rise up into the cooking area.

The grease tray should be covered with a layer of foil, making it easy to clean after a dirty cook. Click here to learn more about how to clean the grill.

The vent holes must be covered when normal cooking and only uncovered for high temp cooking on the hot plates.

Click here to learn more about the vented grease tray design.

Vented grease tray

Starting with Version 5 of the 700E-XL smoker in 2021, the grease tray features vents on the left hand side for high temperature searing.

How It Works

The controller monitors the temperature in the grill and intermittently operates the auger motor (attached to the spiral auger shaft) to carry wood pellets from the hopper into the fire-pot.

The wood pellets are lit by the ignition rod and a fire is then automatically maintained. Even at low smoking temperatures a fire is active in the fire-pot.

Firepot ignition process

A fan underneath the hopper blows air through a number of holes in the fire-pot, feeding the fire with oxygen.

After circulating around the grilling area, the hot air and smoke is vented out through the chimney.

For full instructions on how to use the grill and keep it clean, click here.

Click here for instruction on how to fire up the grill for the first time and burn in.

Wireless Controller & App

The WIFI controller has many features that can be accessed directly on the controller (no wireless connection needed).

Click here for a detailed overview of the App including how to download and pair it with the grill.

Z Grills Australia WIFI App - WIFI App Smoker Diagram

Bluetooth connection

  • Bluetooth connection allows remote temperature monitoring and control when within the signal range. The distance will vary greatly depending on the building wall material and location of the grill.
  • Where possible connect to WIFI as well.

WIFI connection

  • WIFI connection allows remote monitoring of the grill and food probe temperatures and control of the operation of the grill directly from the App.
  • The grill will be accessible both at home and when away as long as the phone has an internet connection (WIFI, 4G/5G mobile).

Where to place the antenna?

  • The antenna has a magnetic base and long cable so can be located on the side, rear or top of the hopper to get the best signal.
  • Do not place the antenna on a hot part of the grill as the base may melt, or magnet loose strength.

BBQ Hotplate Kit

The left hand (narrower) grill rack can be removed and a BBQ Hotplate dropped in its place for high temperature searing over the vented grease tray.

Click here for more information.

Stainless Steel BBQ hotplate in Z Grills 700E-XL wood pellets smoker

Can the BBQ hotplate be left in place long term?

  • Yes it can
  • Temperature regulation throughout the grill may be slightly different compared to when grill racks are in place. If doing a low and slow cook, it may be better to put the left grill rack back.
  • Always ensure the grease tray vents are covered in foil when the BBQ hotplate is not in place.

Larger Caster Wheels

The 700E-XL may be difficult to move around on rough paving or decking due to the standard 75mm wheel size and weight of the grill. Upgrading from the 75mm wheels to 100mm wheels may be helpful.

The threaded holes in the base of the cabinet are M12 (metric), so using an M12x40mm bolt will allow a wheel like the one show above to be attached. A washer may be required between the wheel and the cabinet. Click here for a link to the 100mm diameter wheel shown in the photo.

Click here for more detailed video overview.

Please note that using excessively large wheels (>100mm diameter), or wheeling the grill over rough terrain may stress the threaded attachment point resulting in the cabinet base bending or the welding breaking. If you choose to change the wheels, please proceed with care. Any damage to the grill as a result of changing the wheels will not be covered under warranty.

Owner Manual

Click here to download the latest copy of the owner manual for Z Grills 700E-XL (V6) Wireless Pellet Smoker Grill.

Older versions of the manuals for 700E and 700E-XL grill models can be accessed here, but for most up to date operation and safety information please refer to the latest version linked above.

700E Model Change History

The 700E model that began selling in Australia in 2019 has undergone a number of improvements and addition of new features over the years.

Once the grill rack space was increased from 700 square inches to 850 with the introduction of the twin grill rack in late 2019, the name changed to the 700E-XL (extra large).

From the 700E V3 onwards the model version (V3, V4, V5, V6) is printed on the silver specifications sticker on the underside of the hopper lid, as shown below.

Z Grills Specifications Label

Below is a summary of the key changes implemented with each model.

Model (period sold)Changes
ZPG-700E V6 (700E-XL Wireless)
Wireless controller introduced
ZPG-700E V5 (700E-XL)
RapidFlame™ ignition rod introduced
ZPG-700E V5 (700E-XL)
– Introduced vented grease tray & twin main grill racks
ZPG-700E V4 (700E-XL) (11/2020~09/2021)– Changed to large top grill rack.
– Controller shows ºC and ºF temperatures settings on front plate.
– Mounting points for front folding bench
ZPG-700E V3 (700E-XL) (12/2019~11/2020)– Added 2nd top grill rack (twin racks)
ZPG-700E V2
– Moved caster wheel position to outer edges of cabinet for better stability
ZPG-700E V1
(Mid 2019)
Original model into Australia