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Z Grills – Ignition Rod

What is the ignition rod?

The ignition rod or “hot rod” extends into the bottom of the fire-pot and is responsible for igniting the wood pellets in the fire-pot.

Ignition rod at base of the fire-pot

It works like the resistance electric heating element in a hot water tank, or hot water kettle. Electricity runs through a coiled wire and gets very hot (red hot), enough to ignite the wood pellets.

Z Grills red hot ignition rod being tested
Ignition rods being tested

How long does it operate?

The controller powers the ignition rod for 5 minutes each time the grill it turned from Shut Down Cycle to Smoke. It will also switch on for 5 minutes if the grill temperature ever drops below 60ºC.

Once there is fire in the fire-pot the ignition rod can turn off as regular delivery of pellets will keep the fire going.

Z Grills fire-pot burning
This is what it is all about!

How much power does it draw?

The ignition rod draws 200W of electricity, but only runs for the first 5 minutes after turning the grill on so doesn’t use very much electricity in total.
Click here to learn how much electricity a Z Grill uses.

How to replace the ignition rod?

Check out this page for step by step instructions to replace a faulty/dead ignition rod.

Can I run the grill without the ignition rod?

Yes, you can manually run the grill off less than 250W power supply, or with a faulty ignition rod. Click here for more information.

Learn more….

Check out the video below to learn more about how Z Grills work!

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