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Artisan Knife Bundle

Developed with input from Aussie butchers and BBQ gurus, this knife set covers all bases for meat preparation and final slicing of the finished product!

Z Grills Artisan Knife Bundle

The Knife Set

  • 12cm 5″ Boning knife with rubberised, non-slip grip
  • 20cm 8″ Boning knife
  • 20cm 8″ Chef’s knife
  • 30cm 12″ Brisket slicing knife
  • 30cm 12″ Ultra-fine cut honing steel

Blade Material

The blades are made from a high quality grade of stainless steel called X50CrMoV15. It is chosen for excellent durability, corrosion resistance and good edge holding and is used in many quality kitchen knives.

Artisan Knife metal grade X50CrMoV15

Check out this detailed article to learn more about X50CrMoV15.

Waxed Canvas Roll

Waxed Canvas and Leather Knife Roll

A lot of time and thought went into designing a quality knife roll that would last a lifetime. The waxed canvas feels great and is finished with real leather and brass studs.

Z Grills Artisan Knife Bundle open
Waxed canvas leather knife roll

The underside of the straps have a layer of cut-proof material stitched into place to protect the leather when sliding the knives through.

Knife roll cut proof material
Cut proof material under leather straps

How to use the roll

Always lie the roll totally flat when removing and inserting the knives.

How to clean the roll

If dirty, do not machine wash, just wipe down or gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and warm water.

How to Sharpen

Sharpening Stone

There are many ways to sharpen your knives from a cheap, from a basic sharping tool with a set of grinding wheels, through to hand sharpening on a whetstone. Basic sharpening tools are quick and easy and will bring the knife to a suitable edge for most basic kitchen cutting.

If you really want the best edge possible, learn how to use a whetstone. They are inexpensive and widely available, but do take some practice. 1000 grit on one side (for sharpening), 6000 grit on the other side (for polishing) is a great combination.

Use a Whetstone to sharpen Z Grills Artisan Knives

Honing Steel

The ultra-fine cut honing steel is used to keep the blade edge tuned up (straight, not burred) and can be used regularly to maintain good sharpness.

Made from extremely hard, heat treated stainless steel, the ultra-fine grooves along the length of the steel gently straighten the edge.

Eventually after plenty of use the knife will still need to be sharpened as the sharp edge will be worn away and become “dull”.

Please note that a steel will not sharpen a blunt knife, as it doesn’t wear away the metal like a stone will. It is useful for maintaining an already sharp knife.

Knife Cleaning

  • Wash with warm soapy water and pat dry.
  • Use a plastic brush if required to clean of any chunks.
  • Do not wash knives with other cutlery or dishes. The blade will easy be dulled and it is super easy to cut yourself!
  • Never put your knives in the dish washer.
  • If stained, use diluted vinegar or lemon juice, never hard chemicals. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry after cleaning.

Knife Storage

  • Store your knives in the canvas roll, a knife block or knife magnet strip.
  • NEVER store in the kitchen draw with other tools, as the edge will easy be dulled.

Video Instructions

Check out the video below for tips on sharpening, honing, cleaning and storing your knives.