Smoke Tube

Add extra smoky flavour to your cook with a smoke tube.

Z Grills Smoke Tube

Z Grills smoke tubes are hexagonal shape so they can sit flat (not roll around) and have plenty of holes for good air flow.

Why use a smoke tube?

Z Grills smokers can give a nice nice subtle smoky flavour to your cook, but if you want to impart an even bolder flavour, then a smoke tube is a simple and effective tool.

Wood chips or pellets of a different wood variety can be burnt in the smoke tube, complementing the flavour provided by the pellets burning in the fire-pot.

Pork Ribs with glaze on Z Grills smoker

How to use a smoke tube?

To use a smoke tube, half fill (standing on end) with wood pellets or chips and then light with a butane torch until it holds a standing flame. It may take several minutes to get the fire to light, especially with wood chips which may be higher moisture level than wood pellets.

Smoke tube next to heat baffle
Smoke tube positioned down beside the heat baffle

If you have a 700 series grill the best location for the smoke tube is down next to the heat baffle. Air from the fan blows over the tube keeping it smouldering and the smoke circulates evenly throughout the grill.

Smoke tube with ribs
Smoke tube in Z Grills smoker

For other grills models (450A and MINI), the smoke tube can be placed on the grill rack, but make sure it isn’t too close to the grill wall (may burn the paint), too close to food (may overcook it) or right next to the temperature sensor (will impact the temperature reading).

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