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Can Z Grills be Built In?

The Z Grills 700E-XL Pellet Smoker is well suited to being placed directly on a concrete/stone/tiled bench as a Built In style BBQ.

The 700E-XL is the best model for this application for the following reasons:

  • The bottom of the drum has flat edges, which will sit neatly on a flat surface.
  • The bottom half of the grill drum features a metal liner with air gap to prevent the base getting too hot.

Grill Dimensions

Z Grills 700E-XL Pellets Smoker Built in BBQ Dimensions

Built-in Design Considerations

  • Ensure a minimum of 150mm drop space for the hopper from the drum level. The hopper is only 60mm lower than the drum, but additional space is required for air flow.
  • Do not block the front of the hopper, ensuring open air flow into the bottom fan intake and easy of cleaning of pellets, dust etc.
  • The drum can reach temperatures of up to 230ºC / 450ºF, so the grill must be kept at least 30cm from laminated/painted wood or plastics.
  • Ensure the grill can be easily lifted out should any repairs ever be required.
  • The standard grease bucket hangs below the level of the drum, so instead use any type of metal tray or can to collect the grease that drips from the right hand drain spout.

Smoke Ventilation

During startup a large cloud of smoke will be released from the grill (lid open) and then smaller batches from the chimney throughout the cook. The burning of the wood pellets will also be producing carbon monoxide (odourless, poisonous gas) so good ventilation is extremely import.

Ducting can be connected to the chimney stack to vent out the majority of the smoke through the cook, but that will not vent the initial smoke released during startup or each time the lid is opened.

If the space has a roof/ceiling where smoke will accumulate, consider installing a natural convection or or powered ventilation fan.

How to Buy?

Grab yourself a Z Grills 700E-XL from our shop. They are not sold in the configuration shown above without the cabinet, as the components that make the complete grill are packed across two boxes. A complete 700E-XL must be purchased. The cabinet can be kept and used if the grill even needs to be relocated to a free-standing location.

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