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Wood Pellet FAQs

Wood pellets for Z Grills Pellet Smokers

What types of wood pellets can be used?

Any wood pellets that are made for pellet grills, pellet smokers or pellet BBQs will work fine in Z Grills. Wood pellets for heating are not suitable.

Not all pellets are created equal and some can lead to fire-out issues or inability to reach the set temperature due to high moisture content.

Check our Facebook group or other BBQ groups/forums for availability of quality pellets in your local area, as delivery costs can be high due to the weight.

We stock pellets in our warehouses which can be purchased online for warehouse collection only (no shipping options). The pellets types in stock varies across the warehouses, so feel free to contact us before the order to confirm what options there are for you to choose from.

How many pellets do Z Grills use?

Pellet usage is directly linked to the amount of heat loss from the grill to the surrounding air. The larger the temperature difference the more pellets will be required to maintain the grill temperature (ie. heat produced = heat loss).

Factors that impact pellets usage include:

  • Cold weather = more pellets used
  • High grill temperatures = more pellets used
  • Windy conditions = more pellets used
  • Hot weather = less pellets used
  • Direct sunlight = less pellets used
  • Type of wood pellet. Hardwoods tend to have more heat/kg than softwoods.

Pellet kg/hour usage

  • Low temperature operation = 0.3-0.5kg/hour
  • High temperature operation = 1-2kg/hour

Do pellets need to be cleaned out after every cook?

No, the pellets can stay in the hopper.

Z Grills only use as many pellets as required to maintain the set temperature. If planning to cook again in the next 1-2 weeks, leave the pellets in the hopper and ensure they are NOT exposed to any rain or high moisture levels.

If not using the grill for several weeks or longer, it is a very good idea to scoop out all the remaining pellets (temporarily remove the protective guard if required) then fire up and run the grill until all the pellets are burnt feed into the fire-pot and the fire goes out.

Eventually the grill will show an LER error on the screen (which is ok).

Once the grill has cooled down, vacuum out both the bottom of the hopper as well as the fire-pot and grill drum.

Click here for more information about cleaning a Z Grill.

How to store wood pellets?

It is important to keep wood pellets in sealed container or bag to avoid absorbing moisture.

Seal the top of the plastic bag the wood pellets came in, or store in a plastic bucket with well sealing lid.

Moist pellets will not burn as hot and the fire may even go out.

If pellets get really moist or any water gets into the hopper they can swell up and then set like concrete requiring a big job to clean out the auger. If you notice they are moist or any water drips in there, immediately clean out the hopper and run the grill on high to clear out all pellets.

Can wood dust cause any problems?

Lots of wood dust in the hopper can lead to temperature spikes, excess smoke and even burn-back resulting in a smokey hopper.

A good habit is to sift the last part of the bag of wood pellet with a large sieve or colander to remove the wood dust.

Running the wood pellets completely out and vacuuming the bottom of the hopper every 40-50kg of pallets is also a good habit.

Click here for more information about cleaning a Z Grill.

Updated on January 5, 2021

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