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Z Grills – LEr Error & Fire Out

Z Grills Error Overview

The Z Grills controller has 4 errors that can be displayed:

Never turn the grill on with the lid closed, especially if an error occurred.

LEr – What it Means

The LEr error occurs if the grill has run for more than 20 minutes below 65ºC, indicating that the fire has gone out, or hasn’t successfully been ignited.

LEr most commonly occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Grill runs out of pellets mid cook
  • Grill hasn’t established a fire during startup
  • Fire goes out due to moist pellets, or too much ash in the fire-pot

LEr & Fire Out – What to do (Important)

Never turn the grill back until opening the grill lid and completing a full investigation as outlined below to find the cause. This can be dangerous as the fire-pot may be full of pellets. The result can be a huge fire and even explosion as gases from all the pellets suddenly ignite.

Always start by following these steps:

  1. Turn off the grill and unplug from power.
  2. Open the grill lid.
  3. Take out the grill racks, grease tray and baffle plate so you can see the fire-pot.
  4. Follow the troubleshooting flowchart below to diagnose the reason for the LEr.

LEr & Fire Out – Troubleshooting Flowchart

Follow the chart below to help diagnose the cause of an LEr error or fire going out.

Z Grills LEr troubleshooting flowchart
Updated on October 4, 2020

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