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Z Grills – ER2 Controller Error

Z Grills Errors Overview

The Z Grills controller has 4 errors that can be displayed:

Never turn the grill on with the lid closed, especially if an error occurred.

ER2 – What it means

ER2 will be displayed if the grill is turned on when the temperature setting dial is not on Shut Down Cycle. To clear the error, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the power switch OFF
  2. Rotate the dial back to Shut Down Cycle
  3. Turn the power switch ON
  4. Rotate the dial to Smoke setting to start the grill as normal

❄️ Too Cold Outside ❄️

Another possibility in very cold regions (freezing conditions) is the temperature outside is below the minimum the sensor can read.

Try heating the tip of the temperature probe inside the grill with a warm cloth or for just a few seconds with a cigarette lighter. Don’t overheat the probe as it will damage the temperature sensor inside.

This advice comes from a Z Grills owner in a freezing Alaskan winter, so unlikely to be ever a problem in Australia!

Controller Issue

If ER2 keeps happening during normal operation it may be an issue with the controller, requiring replacement.

Please complete this form and our team will contact you to organise a replacement controller.

Troubleshooting Flow-chart

Z Grills ER2 Troubleshooting Flowchart

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