ER2 Controller Error

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Z Grills Errors Overview

The Z Grills controller has 4 errors that can be displayed:

Never turn the grill on with the lid closed, especially if an error occurred.

ER2 – What it means

ER2 will be displayed if the grill is turned on when the temperature setting dial is not on Shut Down Cycle. To clear the error, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the power switch OFF
  2. Rotate the dial back to Shut Down Cycle
  3. Turn the power switch ON
  4. Rotate the dial to Smoke setting to start the grill as normal

Power outage

If your house suffers even a short power outage (or power is disconnected from the grill) the controller will turn off, and then will show ER2 when the power is back on.

Depending on how long the power was off the fire may be out, or still alight but either way it hasn’t been allowed to shut down in a controlled way so some cautious is required.

Follow these steps to safely start the grill back up:

  • Open the grill lid
  • Turn the controller to Shut Down
  • Turn the power switch off, then back on again.
  • Turn the controller to Smoke to start up the grill.
  • Once some smoke is released and the sound of the fire can be heard, shut the grill lid and set the target temperature.

If the grill was operating at a high temperature when the power went out, burn-back may occur resulting in a smoky hopper, so monitor the grill closely over the next 10 to 15 minutes. If any smoke appears from the hopper it may need to be shut down, run empty and then started up from a clean beginning. See more about smoky hopper here.

Controller Issue

If ER2 keeps happening during normal operation it may be an issue with the power switch on the circuit board, requiring replacement of the controller.

Please complete this form and our team will contact you to organise a replacement controller.