HER High Temp Error

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Z Grills Errors Overview

The Z Grills controller has 4 errors that may be displayed:

HEr – What it means

The HEr stands for High Temperature Error and occurs if the temperature sensor inside the grill reads higher than 287ºC, indicating an excessively large fire in the fire-pot or incorrect sensor reading.

The grill will automatically shut down if an HEr occurs.

Always open the grill lid before completing any troubleshooting of an HEr

How to restart after HEr

Follow these steps to start grilling again after a high temperature HEr

  1. Open the grill lid
  2. Turn the grill power OFF then back ON
  3. Turn the dial to the smoke setting to ignite the fire
  4. Wait for the grill to come back to full flame
  5. Turn the dial the the desired temperature
  6. Shut the lid and monitor the operation

Causes of HEr

HEr – During high temperature operation

The HEr error can occur when running that grill at a high temperature setting with the lid open too much. Leaving the lid open for several minutes on a high temperature setting will result in lots of pellets being dropped into the fire-pot. Once the lid is shut the temperature can increase to a very high level triggering HEr.

HEr – No baffle over fire-pot

HER will easily occur if the grill is operated without the baffle over the fire-pot. Very high temperature air will blow over the temperature sensor and cause the high temperature error.

Never operate the grill with a naked fire-pot and the lid shut as in addition to causing an HEr error the paint inside the grill drum could be burnt.

An exception to this guidance is if a cast iron hotplate is placed directly above the fire-pot for high temperature searing. In this case the baffle can be removed, but be aware that there is still potential for HEr to occur as the heat is not being evenly distributed around the grill as normal.

HEr – Occuring randomly

If the HEr errors occurs randomly, not only during very high temperature operation, it may be an issue with the temperature sensor inside the grill, or sometimes its wired connection. In this case please contact us provide a replacement temperature sensor which are fairly easy to replace.

If the temperature on the display seems to jump around, moving more than 1-2 degrees suddenly, that would indicate a bag signal from the temperature sensor, leading to random HEr occurrences.

Emergency Temp Sensor Repair

If you urgently need to get the grill working again to complete the cook it is possible to use the food temperature probe to provide the signal. Follow the instructions below. If you do this, let us know so we can also provide a new food probe as well as new temperature sensor.

The food probes that plug into the front of the controller on the Z Grills smoker are the same type of temperature sensor (PT1000 RTD) as the temperature sensor in the grill. You can therefore splice the food probe cables into the temperature sensor cable. There is no polarity (positive/negative) on the wires so it doesn’t matter how you connect them.

Temperature sensor cut wires

Cut the end off the grill side temperature sensor. You need to bare the wires, so don’t cut too close to the plug. Some grills do not have a plug in the middle like show above, in which case cut anywhere in the middle of the cable.

Food probe cut wires

Cut the end off the food probe close to the plug.

Temperature sensor spliced together

Bare the wires of both cables, twist together and insulate with electrical tape. Plug the temperature sensor cable back in.

Food probe temp sensor tip to tip

Position the food probe tip to tip with the food probe, or rest the food probe up on the top rack far left. The Z Grills controller will now get a temperature reading from the food probe and you should be able to start and run the grill like normal.

This solution can be used long term if you don’t want to get a new temperature probe.

If less than 3 years old contact our support team to get a replacement food probe and temperature sensor sent out for free (let us know you need both). If more than 3 years, click here to visit our shop to purchase these part

Replacement Temperature Sensor

If confirmed that the temperature sensor is provide bad readings, please submit a support request so our team can organise a replacement Grill Temperature Sensor Probe to be provided.

This can quite easily be replaced as outlined here.