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Where can Z Grills smokers be used?

Z Grills smokers are a versatile outdoor wood fired cooking centre. They are designed for outdoor use, but must be protected from rain.

Using Indoors vs Outdoors

Z Grills smokers burn wood, so generate smoke and carbon monoxide and as such they must not be operated in an enclosed area (without suitable forced air ventilation).

An indoor area is normally defined as one with no less than 55% walled area permanently open to the environment.

Check your local regulations if planning to use in an area with any enclosed walls as additional fan forced ventilation may be required.

Using the grill under a verandah is fine as it normally meets the requirements for air flow. If the ceiling is very deep, it may accumulate smoke and so forced fan ventilation may be required.

Built in BBQ Area

Z Grills smoker can be built-in to an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area.

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Z Grills smoker built-into outdoor kitchen

Operating in the rain

Z Grills use electricity and are not designed (not IP rated) for outdoor use in the rain. Do not use the grill outdoor if expecting rain.

Weather can be unpredictable, so if the power cable protected from water and during a cook there is a light shower the grill will normally be fine and will continue to run.

It is important to ensure that no water gets into the hopper, so if the grill is exposed to rain, double to check that no water has entered the hopper (through the lid). Even some dribbles of water down inside the hopper can cause issues as they will wet the wood dust. The grill may continue to operate, but once left for a few days the wetted wood dust will dry and jam up the auger shaft.

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Running off a battery

Yes, they can be run of portable 240V AC power supply.

Z Grills need up to 500Watt power supply when starting up, but then only draw about 25 to 50Watts to power the controller, auger motor and fan.

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Z Grills MINI on picnic table with battery
Z Grills 200A MINI is perfect for a BBQ in the great outdoors

Adding ducting to the chimney

Yes, metal ducting can be connected to the chimney to vent smoke up and out the ceiling or wall. Ensure the ducting is at least the same diameter as the chimney and does not have to many bends that could restrict air flow.

The 7002B and 700E-XL chimney pipe outside diameter is 86mm.

Up to 3 meter length with maximum 2 x 45 degree elbows (or one 90 elbow) is recommended. Longer lengths or more bends may restrict air flow and impair the normal temperature regulation of the grill.

The lid should be open during startup, and as such a initial cloud of smoke will be released that will not go up the chimney.

Cold weather performance

Z Grills smokers can be used in cold (even freezing) temperatures, although more wood pellets will be used and they may struggle to reach maximum temperature.

An insulating cover as show below (available here), is an excellent investment if using the grill in temperatures below 10ºC / 50ºF, especially if windy.

The cover features strong heat proof magnets on the rear flap to hold it against the back of the grill. The lid can be opened with the cover in place. The grill will reach the target temperature faster, be more stable and use a lot less wood pellets.