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Z Grills – Electricity Usage

How much electricity does a Z Grill use?

The ignition rod draws about 200 Watts of electricity for 5 minutes each time you start the grill (turn from Shut Down Cycle to Smoke). While 200 Watts sounds like a lot, it is only running for short time so the total electricity used is only 0.017kWh. After the initial startup period, the grill only draws 25 ~ 50 Watts to run the main fan and auger motor.

To put that into dollar terms, an 8 hour low ‘n’ slow cook would use about 0.3 kWh of electricity costing less than 10 cents (based on 30cents/kWh).

How to run a Z Grill off a battery pack

It is possible to run a Z Grill of a suitable capacity battery pack using a DC/AC sine wave inverter. The inverter would need to be able to deliver 300W 240V AC output from a battery with at least 3Ah (very small) capacity. This would be sufficient to power the initial grill startup and 8+ hours of continual grill operation.

The average car battery has >100Ah capacity and many portable battery packs have more than enough Ah capacity to run the grill.

Below is a Z Grills 700E-XL running off a battery pack from iTechworld. In this case the battery back was being charged back up using a PV panel, so totally off the grid.

Z Grills pellet smoker running of battery pack
Photo courtesy of Dwayne Still, always pushing the limits of grilling!

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