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Z Grills – Incorrect Temperature

High temperature shortly after startup

During the first 5-7 minutes of startup (switching from Shut Down Cycle to Smoke) lots of wood pellets will be dropped into the fire-pot to establish the fire. These pellets will release a lot of heat and easily take the grill temperature up to 140ºC, especially in hot weather.

If you are planning to cook at a lower temperature than this, leave the lid open for up to 10min after turning on (so 3-4 minutes after smoke clears) to allow more heat to be released. Shut the lid and set to the desired temperature.

Getting the grill up to temperature quickly

If you are planning to cook at a high temperature (>135ºC), shut the lid as soon as the first big cloud of smoke begins to clear after startup. This will help get the grill to the desired temperature more quickly.

Always start the grill with the lid open

Changing from high to low temperature

If the setting is changed from a high temperature to a much lower temperature it can take a long time for the temperature to drop, especially in hot weather. This is due to the fact that a fire is always maintained in fire-pot, so continually releasing more heat.

To quickly drop the grill temperature follow these steps:

  1. Set the controller to the desired lower setting
  2. Open the grill lid
  3. Once the temperature on the controller gets close to the target temperature, close the lid.

Temperature too low (can’t reach target)

If the grill temperature can’t reach the desired high temperature and the grill is clean, the first thing to check is the wood pellets being used. Some wood pellets, especially fruit varieties can have low heat output and will struggle to reach high temperatures. Try mixing the pellets with other pellets that you know work well.

Temperature not accurate

Work through the troubleshooting flowchart below to help diagnose a Z Grill that is not stabilising close to the controller setting.

Click on the image for larger view in new window for easier reading.

Z Grills Temperatures Not Accurate Troubleshooting
Updated on October 6, 2020

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