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Z Grill – Software Update

Most Z Grills models in Australia have a controller board with a plug to allow the software to be updated using a special dongle.

If you received a software dongle with your new grill please click here.

Do I need to update?

If your grill is running well, there is no need to complete an update.

Only controllers with the small white 4 pin plug on the rear of the controller panel (as shown below) can be updated. See the update process instructions below to safely get access to the controller to check if your controller has this plug.

Software Versions

Below is a summary chart of the grill models, serial numbers or model feature for identification and corresponding software versions.

You cannot download a file and complete the update yourself as it requires specialised software and update dongle to complete the update.

Z Grills 450A

Grill ModelGrill IdentificationDefault
Update Required?
450A V1
(Mid 2019)
oC only on controller face450A-STC-6.708450A-STC-6.708No
450A V1
oC only on controller face450A-STC-6.606450A-STC-8.14Optional
450A V2
oC & oF on controller face450A-STC-8.14450A-STC-8.14No

All 450A V1 grills sold from late 2019 to September 2021 may be updated to v8.14 bringing tighter temperature control and better smoke output on the smoke and temperature up to 121ºC. The update is optional.

All 450A V2 grills shipped from 10-2021 onwards will flash “450” “814” when first turned on, indicating the model (450A) and software version (814).

Z Grills 7002B

Grill ModelGrill IdentificationDefault
Update Required?
7002B V1 (2019-09/2021)Standard grease tray7002B-STC-6.8087002B-STC-8.11Optional
7002B V2
Vented grease tray7002B-GD-8.117002B-GD-8.12Yes

All 7002B grills shipped from 10-2021 onwards will flash “702” “811” when first turned on, indicating the model (7002B) and software version (811).Once updated to v8.12, the display will show“702” “812”.

Z Grills 700E & 700E-XL

Grill ModelGrill IdentificationDefault
Update Required?
700E V1
(Mid 2019)
Narrow top grill rack700E-STC-6.605700E-STC-8.12Optional
700E V2
Narrow top grill rack
No update plug on controller
700E V3
XL model
Twin narrow top grill racks
700E V4
XL model
Single large top grill rack
700E V5
XL model
Vented grease tray

All 700E-XL V5 grills shipped from 10-2021 onwards will flash “700” “812” when first turned on, indicating the model (700E) and software version (812). Once updated to v8.13, the display will show“700” “813”.

Update dongles types

There are two types of dongles which are used to to update the software on the controller without the need for a computer.


For any software with STC in the name.


For any software with GD in the name.

GD dongle update process

First check the Software Version chart in the section above to see if your grill is eligible for an update. If it is, and you would like to complete an upgrade, double check your controller to make sure it has the update plug.

Got a new Z Grills 7002B or 700E-XL?

If you received a software update dongle in grey plastic satchel together with your grill, please
complete the update before burning the grill in. Follow the instructions below.

Z Grills software update dongle satchel

The update can be completed before or after the grill has been assembled and used. If the grill is NOT yet assembled, do the software update first.

Follow the step by step instructions below.

STEP 1. Unplug the power cable, and leave the grill unplugged for at least 1 min before starting STEP 2.

STEP 2. Undo the 2 screws on the front of the controller.

STEP 3. Tilt the controller forward and look for a white plug on the left hand side of the circuit board.

STEP 4. Plug in the cable with the clip to the outside (left side). Push down until it clips into place.

STEP 5. Plug the standard USB cable into 5V power (USB battery pack, USB phone charger or power board USB plug).

Plug the square end of the USB power cable into the dongle.

STEP 6. Watch the light on the dongle.

The light will change colours in the following sequence.

  • Quick green light
  • Solid orange light for 20-30 seconds (copying process)
  • Quick green light
  • Quick orange light
  • Solid green light (copying complete)

Once the final solid green light is on, the copying process is complete and the power cable into the dongle can be unplugged.

Only a Solid Green Light?
If the light colour cycle does not follow that outlined above and instead flashes green/orange green, or just solid green, the dongle needs more power to complete the update. Click here for a video overview of what to do.

STEP 7. Squeeze the top of the plug firmly to open the side clip and pull out.

STEP 8. Carefully push the controller back into place and do up the screws.

Z Grills Controller Remove Screws

STEP 9. Plug in the grill power cable and flip the switch on the controller down to the ON position.

The controller should flash the grill model (450, 702 or 700) and then the software version, for example “813”. See below.

Controller model and software version on Z Grills smoker LCD display

Confirm if the version displayed matches that printed on the dongle. If it does you have successfully updated the software. Great job!

If the display does NOT show the updated software version, or is blank, repeat the process.

If it still fails to update correctly, please contact us.

STEP 10. Please wrap the dongle and USB cable back up in the bubble wrap, put in the supplied Australia Post satchel and place in a post box (or give to the local post office) to sen back to us. Cheers!

STC dongle update process

For video overview of the process click here.

Full step by step instructions and a link to the Z Grills shop to order a dongle to update your grill will be coming soon.

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