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Storing a Z Grills Smoker

Z Grills pellet smokers are made from durable, weather resistant materials, but the wood pellets must not get wet. Here are some guidelines on how to store your Z Grills when not being used.

Cover needed?

The grill only needs to be protected from RAIN. If in a location that is not going to be exposed direct rain (a little sprinkle on the cabinet or legs is fine) then there is no need to cover it.

If storing outside where it can be rained on, then yes, it should be covered. Click here to learn how to care for the lightweight waterproof cover that is provided with the grill.

Front folding bench care

Z Grills wooden Front folding Benches are awesome, but are made of wood and can get mouldy if they sit in a moist environment for an extended period of time.

Sitting against the inside of a cover in very humid conditions is the perfect environment for mould growth.

Z Grills wooden front folding bench

Oiling the wood with a quality wood oil like LA Sawdust Cutting Board Goop before first use and regularly thereafter is a key step to prevent mould, but if you are in extremely humid regions that may be enough. In humid regions, you may want to give the board a light sand and varnish with outdoor rated wood varnish. Varnish cannot handle high temperature though, so when using the grill at high temperatures it is best to have it folded down so not too close to the front of the drum.

Click here for more details about wood board care.

Wood pellet storage

Wood pellets for Z Grills pellet smokers

Click here for lots of information about how to store wood pellets and what to do if you get water in the hopper.