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Why use a Z Grills pellet smoker?

Pellet smokers have been around in the US for well over 10 year and are extremely popular. Now Aussies are learning why a Z Grills pellet smoker is the ultimate backyard cooking device!

Easy to use

Z Grills smoker easy operation

Z Grills are much easier than traditional solid fuel (wood, charcoal) BBQs to use. There is no elaborate process to light the fire, just flip the power switch and turn the knob and it automatically ignites the wood pellets.

Once the fire is established, set the desired temperature and in no time it is up to temperature (max temp takes about 15-20min) and ready to begin cooking.

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Cleaning is easy too, just wipe down the ceramic coated grill racks, replace the foil on the grease tray when dirty and vacuum out the ash after every few cooks.

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Cooking Versatility

Z Grills smoker cook up a feast

Cook an amazing range of food from low n slow favourites like brisket, pulled pork and beef ribs through to pizza, bread, roast pork with crackling and of course snags come out amazing too!

With a cast iron bbq plate or skillet, bacon and eggs, rissoles or sautéed onion can be done just like on a normal BBQ.

Z Grills owners often use their grill so much more than a traditional BBQ because it opens up so many more possibilities.

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Great Flavour

Z Grills Chicken Wings

Cooking with wood just tastes amazing on a Z Grills smoker, but not everything has to taste smoky.

The amount of smoky flavour can be adjusted by how long the SMOKE setting is used at the start of the cook and also what type of wood pellets are use.

Click here to learn more about the smoke setting.

At higher temperatures you get a clean cooking heat with a nice hint of wood fired aroma.

Whether it be a 12 hour slow cooked brisket, or some home make pizzas for a hungry family the results are consistently amazing.