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Controller Power Tripping

What causes power to trip?

If the power trips, and/or the fuse blows in the Z Grill, it indicates that one of the electrical components (fan, auger motor or ignition rod) has failed, causing an electrical short and will need to be replaced.

Do not simply replace the fuse and start it up again as the fuse will just blow again.

Which component has failed?

Before getting spare parts, it is important to work out which component is actually causing the power to trip. This can be done through use of a multi-meter to confirm which one has a closed circuit, or through a process of elimination.

Check out the pages linked below, following the first set of steps to take off the casing giving access to the wiring and key components.

450A grill repairs

700 series grill repairs

Multi-meter test

Using the “beep” function on the multi-meter, check to see if there is closed circuit (aka short circuit) on any of the three devices. A beep confirms a fault component.

Check out the video below for how to do this.