Controller 00 display

If the controller screen is displaying 00 it could be due to an issue with the controller or the temperature sensor inside the grill.

The grill may start up and run for up to 15 to 20 minutes but eventually turn off showing an LER error (lower temperature error) as the grill is not able to achieve a normal operating temperature.

Depending on the grill model the temperature sensor may have a plug in the middle, or may be directly connected to the controller circuit board. By disconnecting the temperature sensor and turning the grill on, you can determine the cause of the issue.

Sensor cable with connector

For grills that have a connector plug in the middle of the temperature sensor cable, just unplug the cable. Click here to jump to the test instructions.

Sensor cable without connector

If the temperature sensor cable does not have a connector plug in the middle, the cable can be disconnected from the back of the controller.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Disconnect the grill from power

Unplug power

Step 2. Remove the screws on the front of the controller and tilt the controller forward. I it may not tilt forward as much as shown in the image below.

Step 3. Disconnect the two small cables from the right hand side green or blue terminal block. There is no positive or negative, so don’t worry about how they are connected.

If the controller cannot be tilted forward enough to undo the screws, just cut the white cables (they do not carry any power) and pull them forward through the hole. Don’t let them fall down inside the box as they may get tangled in the fan. When sending through a support request, let us know that you “cut the temperature sensor cable” so we can send you a new one.

Controller temperature sensor connection

Step 4. Pull the cables through and down in front of the hopper box (there is no power in the cables) so they don’t get lost inside the hopper box.

Put the two screws back into the controller plate. The two white wires can safely dangle out from the side of the controller plate.

Z Grills Controller Remove Screws

Test the grill

Plug the grill back into power and turn the controller power switch on.

If ER1 is displayed the temperature sensor is the issue and needs to be replaced.

If 00 is displayed and the grill can turn on and fire up, then the controller has an issue and needs to be replaced.

Please complete this support request form so our support team can organise a replacement part for you.