Noisy Z Grills Smoker

Clunking, grinding or squeaky noises

As the wood pellets are fed from the hopper through to the fire-pot, longer pellets may be squeezed and broken into shorter lengths by the spiral shaped auger. This can cause a clunking, grinding or squeaking sound which is normal.

If this is happen a lot, try a brand of pellets with shorter lengths, no more than 2cm long.

Z Grills smoker auger motor turning auger
Auger motor slow rotates and spiral auger shaft to feed pellets into the fire-pot

Low speed fan noise

The fan speed is high when the Z Grill is first turned on and when the grill is operating at high temperatures. At lower temperature settings it may reduce to a low fan speed setting at which point it sounds very different. It may be very quiet or make more of a whirring or humming sound. This is normal.

If you are unsure if the fan is operating or not, simply switch to a higher temperature setting to immediately hear the louder fan sound.

High speed clicking/buzzing noise

If you hear a clicking or buzzing noise, especially after any repairs, one of the wires/cables may be contacting either the auger motor cooling fan, or the main fire-pot fan.

Follow the instructions in the videos below to check the cables.