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Insulating Cover

Z Grills Insulating Covers are a great investment if living in cooler parts of Australia and doing long cooks in the winter.

700 Series Insulating Cover

How they work

The same as a duna or blanket keeps you toasty warm in bed during the winter, the insulating cover keeps the grill warm. So it’s a blankie for your grill!

Less heat loss = less wood pellets consumed

When to use

  • When the outside temperature is below 20ºC
  • In cold windy conditions
  • When doing long cooks, especially overnight (when coldest)

When not to use

  • When the outside temperature is above 20ºC, especially when doing low temperature cooks as the grill may struggle to get down to a low temperature.
  • When doing very high temperature cooks, as extreme temperatures could damage the cover.

How to Use

  • Secure under the grill lid handle with the velco flap
  • Strong magnets hold the rear against the back of the drum
  • The lid can be opened with the cover in place
Z Grills Insulating Cover on 700E-XL side view

How to Clean

  • Wipe clean with BBQ wipes or soapy water and cloth