Grill Paint Repair

How paint damage occurs

If the Z Grills smoker power coated finish is exposed to excessively high temperature or direct flames it can be heat damaged.

Heat damage is not possible during normal operation as the power coating material is rated to withstand over 300ºC, so is normally caused by:

  • Fire operating with the heat baffle and grease tray removed and the lid shut.
  • Grease fire
  • Using a smoke tube that has a open flame

Depending on the temperture the surface was exposed to it may appear to be melted (as show in the photo below), or with higher temperarures dry and powdery.

Heat Damaged Grill Paint square

How to repair

The effected area can be rubbed back with sandpaper and then sprayed with high temperature paint such as Dupli-Color High Heat Ceramic Paint available from Repco (or similar paint).

Dupli-color High Heat Paint