Grill Lid Seal

Z Grills lid seal can be used around the inside edge of the grill lid and hopper for a better seal and nice quiet sound when closing.

The felt seal will degrade over time, especially with high temperature cooking. The roll is long enough to do the entire lid twice!

Sealing the lid will NOT provide more smoke or better temperature regulation as the unit is fan forced so air must exit from the drum somewhere – mostly the chimney. Some smoke leaking from around the lid is nothing to be worried about!

How to Install

Clean the lid

  • Clean the outer area of the lid with BBQ cleaner and then ideally alcohol, then wait to dry.
  • Do not use mineral turpentine or methylated spirits as they may damage the black paint on the lid or drum.

Cut to length

  • Install the lid seal one length at a time. Doing the top and bottom first and then sides generally works the best.
  • Measure the length and cut about 0.5 to 1cm longer than required. The exact length will be trimmed one stuck in place.
  • Start at one end and carefully stick along the edge of the lid. Only peel back and stick about 10-15cm at a time. Take care to peel off all the paper, as sometimes some can remain stuck along the sides.
  • Once stuck in place, use a sharp blade to cut to shape.
Z Grills Smoker Grill Lid Seal

Add hinge washers

  • With the lid seal in place the lid will not close properly, so washers need to be installed under the hinges to lift them up slightly.
  • Remove the 2 screws holding the hinge in place, flip up and place the washers over the holes. Place the hinge back down and loosely do up the 2 screws.
  • Repeat for the 2nd hinge.
  • Align the lid correctly left/right on the drum and then do all the hinge screws up tight.