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Front Folding Stainless Steel Bench

There are two front folding bench options, wood or 304 stainless steel. Click here for information on the wooden bench.

The stainless steel bench is deeper (300mm) than the wood bench (250mm).

304 stainless steel is stamped into the bench shape to provide provides ridges around the sides to catch any liquid. The light weight design allows it to be used as a tray to transport food to and from the grill. A frame is welded underneath for good stiffness and provides mounting rails to slot into the folding frame. Handles are supplied which can be installed on the side (if desired) if regularly lifting the bench on and off.

Due to the depth, when folded down the cabinet doors cannot be opened, so remove the bench or fold up to access the storage area.

Stainless Steel Front Folding Bench

Installing new front folding bench

If installing a front bench for the first time on your Z Grills smoker, two boxes will be required:

  • Front Folding Bench Mounting Kit
  • Stainless Steel Front Bench

Upgrading from wooden bench

If there is already a wooden front folding bench installed, just the wooden board can be removed and the Stainless Steel Front Bench attached. In this case the mounting kit is not required as the same folding brackets are used.

Installation Instructions

The video below shows the installation process for the wood front folding bench. The assembly of the folding brackets and attachment to the drum is exactly the same for the stainless steel bench, so please watch for that part of the process. Refer to the steps specific to the stainless steel bench down below the video.

Step 1 – Attach support frame

  • Using the small threaded screws and washers supplied with the bench, attach the support frame to the two folding brackets.

Step 2 – Attach L Brackets

  • Use the supplied nuts, washers and bolts supplied in the Front Folding Bench Mounting Kit to attach the L bracket to the front folding bracket.
  • Note the head of the bolt is on the outside, and the nut on the inside of the folding bracket.
Z Grills Stainless Steel Front Folding Bench assembly

Step 3 – Attach to Drum

  • Use the black screws already on the left and right of the drum to attach the L brackets.
  • Do Not over-tighten or you may damage the heat of the screw.

Step 4 – Attach Handles

  • These are useful if the front bench is going to be regularly lifting in and out of place.
  • Squeeze the wire handles and clip into place.
  • The handle can be rotated down out of the way.
  • Leave the handles off if not regularly lifting in and out.

Lock Bench in Place (non-removable)

  • To permanently secure the bench in place so it will not slide and pull out, add the blocking screw on both left and right sides.

How To Use

Slide Bench In and Out

  • With the bench all the way forward close to the grill, drop down and slide back to lock into the bottom support frame. 
  • Push forward and lift up to take out.

Fold Bench Up & Down

  • To lower: push in both left and right tabs underneath the folding brackets and lower the bench.
  • To raise: lift the bench up until both sides click into position.

How To Clean

Stainless steel is not entirely immune to surface stains and corrosion and requires regular cleaning to stay looking good.

To remove grease and food, clean with warm soapy water or BBQ cleaner.

Brown spots often referred to as tea staining can appear even on this 304 grade stainless steel. This is more likely in coastal areas or near a swimming pool. To remove such stains use a stainless steel metal cleaner and soft cloth. For stubborn stairs use ultra-fine wire wool, polishing in a circular motion to match the finish of the metal.

Clean Z Grills stainless steel with metal polish
Clean Z Grills stainless steel with metal polish