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Damaged Grill Power Cable

So your beloved dog has chewed through the power cable on your Z Grills smoker? You are not the first person to have this happen.

There are two options to fix the cable:

Replace power cable

Replace the entire power cable (purchasing a replacement from Z Grills). This requires the hopper to be opened up and entire cable replaced. Please contact us if you need a replacement cable, but first please see if option 2 below will work for you!

Add male plug to end

An easier (and recommended) option is to attach a male plug on the end of the remaining power cable. Plugs can be purchased from your local hardware store, but according to Australian regulations, the work should be completed by a sparky (electrician).

You can then run an extension cable to the grill. If your dog gets hungry again, they will likely chew the extension cable and not the grill cable which is easier to replace. Also considering running the cable in some PVC, or spiral metal conduit which is less likely to be chewed.

The image below shows the wiring configuration of the Z Grills smoker power cable. The wire colours are the standard for Australia.

  • Neutral = Blue
  • Live = Brown
  • Green/yellow = Earth
Z Grills plug wiring colours