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Z Grills – Repair Kit

Proactively Managing Customer Service

The reality is any product with electrical and mechanical parts can have issues especially when manufactured in the tens of thousands a year like Z Grills are.

We do our best to make a high quality product, but we need to be realistic as there will be some products that have issues. The key in our mind is how we deal with those issues to get you back and cooking as quickly and painlessly as possible.

When you buy a Z Grill you know that if there is any issue we have your back with spare parts and solid support to back our warranty.

If we have clearly identified the problem and know you have the tools and skills to easy do the repairs we will send you the spare parts and accessories you need.

If any doubt about the exact problem or if you need some special tools, like if replacing an auger motor, you will be shipped the full repair kit. The kit includes all the tools and spare parts you will need for any Z Grill repairs.

Repair kit includes full set of tools and spare parts

How to use the Repair Kit

    You should have already got some help from our team, which is why you have this package, but some more investigation may be required.  Check help.zgrills.com.au for all our troubleshooting guides.
  2. FIX
    Using the tools and spare parts in the box, fix your grill.
  3. COOK
    Cook some food to make sure your Z Grill is working properly again.
  4. PACK
    Pack the box back with the parts you didn’t use (and all our tools please).  If you threw out the packing material please stuff some scrunched up paper, foam or similar in there so everything doesn’t move around too much. Seal up the box with the roll of tape provided. 
  5. SHIP
    You will find a shipping label in the box, just stick that over your label and take to your local Aussie Post and they will ship back to us at no cost to you.

3 Year Warranty

During the 3 year limited warranty period any replacement parts are supplied free of charge, sent to you via express post (at our cost).

After the warranty period has ended you can purchase replacement parts from our website (coming soon).

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