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Ignition Rod Power Limiter Removal

Please follow the instructions below to remove the power limiter box that is connected in-line between the HOT plug and the ignition rod.

In some cases the power output will be restricted too much resulting in the ignition rod failing to get hot enough to quickly ignite the wood pellets.

Removing this component will allow the ignition rod to run at full power. This will not cause any operation or safety issues and will not void the warranty.

Step 1. Unplug the Power

Unplug power

Before doing any maintenance or cleaning, always unplug the power to the grill.

Step 2. Remove base cover

Hopper cover screws

Remove the 6 screws (2 front, 2 side, 2 rear) to release the base cover.

The base cover should drop down once the screws are removed but will be held in place by the power cable.

700 Hopper up-side-down on table Large

If you are finding it difficult to access the cables due to the black power cable holding the cover in place, it may be easier to remove the hopper assembly and turn on side or up-side-down on table for easier access.

Remove the 4 bolts and unplug the temperature sensor (reverse of the assembly process) and slide the hopper assembly out.

Either remove pellets from the hopper before doing, or hold the lid tightly closed when turning it up-side-down – otherwise they will fall out.

Step 3. Unplug the ignition rod cable

Wiring harness SN ignition rod power limiter circled

Find the small grey and pale blue controller box, shown circled in red above.

One or more cable ties may need to be cut to free up the cables enough.

Unplug the white plugs at both ends of the red/black wires.


Plug the two loose plugs into together. One will say HOT.

Step 4. Clean up cables

Grill wiring clean up

If possible use a cable tie or twist tie to bundles any loose wires so they won’t get close to the main big fan or auger motor small cooling fan.

They should be neatly arranged similar to the image above.

Replace the bottom cover and plug the grill back in.

Step 5. Check operation

Silicon Nitride Ignition rod red hot

Turn the power switch on and turn the knob to smoke.

Look in the firepot and see if the ignition is getting hot. It should get visibly red hot in under a minute. If it does you should be good to start and run as normal.

Good job and sorry again for the inconvenience!