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Wireless Controller & App Updates (March 2024)

A set of improvements will be rolled out to both the controller software and Apps (iOS and Android). Both the controller and App must be updated for the temperature display and other functions to work correctly.


Temperature display accuracy

  • Temperature display on the controller and app screens could sometimes be off by 1 degree. This has been fixed by increasing the temperature accuracy reported by the controller by adding an decimal point. Eg. from 86℃ to 86.4℃. The temperature on the App will still only show whole degree values.

App refreshing speed and reliability

  • Various improvements to reliability of the connection to the server and speed to refresh. Each time you open the App, it needs to communicate with the server to get the latest temperature and function setting information. This can take 1-3 seconds depending on your internet connection speed.
  • If the temperature does not seems to be updating, please quit and reopen the App to force the connection to refresh.

Current cook information (in Grill Settings)

  • The length of the current cook (hh:mm from Fire Lit) is display in the Grill Settings page.
  • Estimated wood pellets used is displayed, calculated based on the run time of the auger.

Manually type in temperatures

  • Temperature settings for alarms and actions can now be typed in using the number keypad as well as using the + and – buttons. Just tap on the temperature for the keyboard to pop up, as shown below.

What you need to do?


  • The new controller software version will be available from the evening of Tuesday 12th March.
  • The new app versions should be available from the 13th March (subject to Apple/Google approval).
  • The server will be updated on the 14th March to support all the new functions, but the controller will still work properly until then. Please read more about this below.

App update

  • In most cases your device will auto update on the 13th of March.
    • iOS new version will show as 1.2.0 (currently 1.1.8) in the Apple App Store
    • Android new version will show as 1.1.3 (currently 1.1.1) on the Google Play Store

Controller update

  • Don’t update the controller software until your App is on the latest version. Nothing bad will happen to the grill, but temperatures will not display properly on the App.
  • To update, press the control knob once (to wake up the screen) and open the App. A notification should eventually pop up about the software update. Proceed to the grill settings page, scroll to the bottom and complete the update.
  • If you have not completed an update before, see instructions here.
  • Your grill should be updated to the following versions (or newer):
    • 450A: v112
    • 7002B: v119
    • 700E-XL: v196


How to use the wireless controller

How to use the Z Grills Aus App

If you have questions or experience any issues with the controller operation or App, please contact us.